After living harmoniously alongside humanity for countless generations, dwelling in the shadows so as to not be seen. An ancient race have re-emerged from the dark with intent in their eyes, hidden behind a screen and a smile. They have gone by countless names, spanning over eons of time and have forever been watching us hidden in plain sight - until now. They have returned with an alluring offer for humanity. More specifically, an offer for a select few, a gift unparalleled to any other for those that earn their favour.

Undertake their challenges and play them at their own games , find out whether you have what it takes to claim their ultimate prize, discover the buried secrets and uncover the forbidden truth behind the Holders.

This part-theatre, part-game experience was created by Dark Roots Theatre Company.

Twitter: @DarkRootsTC
Facebook: @darkrootstc

This project took place in and around the streets of Richmond, London throughout July 2018

Zach Harrison, Woody Franklin, Ella-Louise Balcomb, Marcus Gorringe, Charlie Hanley, Hayden Tyler and Milly Hill.

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