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Faced with an uncertain future, an expat shares a decade of living in the hinterland between being British and Italian.

DIARY OF AN EXPAT is a solo show, directed by Katharina Reinthaller (Labels, Fringe First Winner 2015), telling the comic story of the encounter between modern migrant Cecilia and London – a contemporary El Dorado craved by generations of young Europeans.

Faced with the possibility of having to leave her home of ten years, Cecilia Gragnani is sharing her personal experience and testimonials of others to ask: what does it feel like to be an expat? A comic story of the encounter between a modern migrant and London – a contemporary El Dorado craved by generations of young Europeans – Diary of an Expat looks at the road to becoming a British citizen, embracing a new nationality whilst staying true to your roots, and the knocks your identity takes when no country claims you as their own. From amusing miscommunications to bewildering legal technicalities, Cecilia delves into the day-to-day of living in a country that can’t pronounce your surname.

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Facebook: Paper Smokers

Tour Dates 2019
27th March, ELECTRIC THEATRE, Guildford
2nd – 5th April, ALPHABETTI THEATRE, Newcastle
24th – 27th April, TRISTAN BATES THEATRE, London
11th – 12th May, RIALTO THEATRE, Brighton Fringe
14th June, ST MICHAELS CHURCH Poole Road, Bournemouth
15th – 16th June, THE CELLAR THEATRE, Sheffield
21st June, PHOENIX, Exeter
8th – 9th July, KINGS ARMS, Greater Manchester Fringe

Past 2018 Dates
28th June, From the Forest Festival, EDFRINGE PREVIEW
5th July, Buxton Fringe, EDFRINGE PREVIEW
28th July, The Drayton Arms, EDFRINGE PREVIEW
2nd – 26th August, Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Laugh)

'Best Fringe Shows for Brexit Satire. These Brexit dramas all delivered wonderfully in their own way. If we can’t make Britain great again, we can at least make it funny. '

'Her performance is tinged with a British politeness, with criticisms introduced carefully, and the performance itself obedient of the best British theatrical traditions of farce. It’s a show that puts a human face on the consequences of Brexit, and needs to tour.' THEATERSTUCK

'When a show arouses this kind of empathy it not only proves its worth, but the worth of theatre as a medium, a medium that allows people to connect with their most honest selves, and reminds us that, when it comes to feelings, we all come from the same place.' LIVE LONDON POST

'This is one of those rare productions that makes you think long and hard about a subject, without even realising it’s had that affect on you. '

Writers: Cecilia Gragnani, Jvan Sica and Loredana de Michelis
Director and Dramaturg: Katharina Reinthaller
Performer: Cecilia Gragnani
Special Guest: Steve Wickenden

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